You Are the Medicine is a signature coaching journey that weaves together several modalities - hypnosis, timeline therapy, and NLP - to help vibrant female leaders break through the emotional barriers that are holding them back from living life to their full potential.

"For a woman to truly make a lasting impact and create meaningful change, it all boils down to how she integrates her lessons and turns them into wisdom. She's got to live her truth, speak her mind, know her worth, and allow her feelings, deepest desires, and needs shine through. It's about making that powerful decision about what she truly deserves and going out there to claim it with unwavering confidence."

Through the You Are the Medicine journey, you will reconnect with yourself, achieve rapid growth, and illuminate new paths to understanding who you are as a woman, an entrepreneur, a partner, a friend, a mother, and as a fully embodied spiritual Queen.

I created the You Are the Medicine journey to empower high-performing women to break through the emotional baggage of the past in order to fully embody the spiritual Queen within - one who commands her value, knows her worth, and creates a vibrant future.

Whether you have experienced great personal loss, trauma, or for any reason feel like you have lost touch with who are, I’ve made it my life’s work to guide women just like you back to themselves.

If you're a highly accomplished woman who's been harboring that inner imposter feeling – the need to constantly change who you are to fit in and be loved, or if you've been following all the "right" steps but still sense a void in your relationships and a big missing piece in your life...

It's time to rewrite your narrative. It's time to reclaim your life, tap into your innate strength as a spiritual Queen, and harness your natural prowess to reign over your destiny.

If you are a wildly successful woman who secretly feels like an you need to be someone different in every situation in their life in order to be loved and you are doing all the “right things” but still feel a lack of deep connection in your relationships and a sense that there is something BIG missing from your life...

You can take control of your story. You can reclaim your life.

And harness your divine feminine power as spiritual Queen.

A Plant Medicine Ambassador, Breakthrough & Integration Coach and Empowerment Expert, Nerrissa Hsu works with high-achieving women in leadership to help them reconnect with their female power and bring flow and balance to their lives.

She has guided hundreds of women through transformative experiences in her signature You Are the Medicine journey.

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