A woman must decide what she deserves and claim it powerfully.

- Nerrissa

Hello, I'm Nerrissa Hsu. I'm a Plant Medicine Ambassador, Breakthrough & Integration Coach, Empowerment Expert and creator of You Are the Medicine - a quantum journey that helps vibrant female leaders break through the emotional barriers that are holding them back and reclaim the powerful, wild Lioness that lives in all of us.

Coaching Program

Embark on the sacred path of the warrior with Plant Medicine Ambassador, Breakthrough and Integration Coach, and Empowerment Expert Nerrissa Hsu through her signature You Are the Medicine - a fully integrated breakthrough program that addresses the subconscious blocks and emotional scars that keep you from deeply connected relationship, Divine prosperity, and a life OF purpose and ON purpose.


Your connection with your breath mirrors your connection with life itself.

I invite you to embrace the profound potential of your breath.

Instead of limiting your life force with shallow breathing that can lead to anxiety and depression, learn to harness the rhythmic power of your breath to fully integrate your life experiences, transforming knowledge into profound wisdom.

Whether you're embarking on a journey with plant medicines, healing from trauma, grief, divorce, addiction recovery, or walking the path of spiritual growth, I'm here to guide you with warmth, strength, and clarity. Together, we'll gently unfold your healing process, empowering you to thrive and embrace all that life has to offer.

3 Pillars of a Powerful Plant Medicine Journey

Who is the 3 Pillars of a Powerful Plant Medicine Journey Masterclass for?

Calling all women who are curious about plant medicine and have questions about preparing for their first journey or have journeyed before and want to optimize their experience to create the most beneficial experience!

Seeking a supportive community of sisters who speak your language?

Look no further, as this masterclass is perfect for women who have recently embarked on their own journey and are in search of that sisterhood! Struggling to integrate your learnings from your experience and unsure where to start? This is the place for you, Sister!

When a woman decides to fully embody her power, she becomes magnetic to her deepest desires.

Working with Nerissa has changed my life...plus we have a ton of fun in the process.

- Nicole

She has helped me immensely in my journey and my character shows these changes.

- April

Working with Riss is such a great experience. She has helped me heal so, so much!

- Sarah

Unlock the quantum journey to your truest, most powerful self through my breakthrough You Are the Medicine coaching.

Gain momentum, unlock your potential, and achieve your goals without fear, hesitation, and self-sabotage holding you back.

Just as a mosaic is beautifully and imperfectly created, we get to organize all the colorful pieces of ourselves in order to realize our wholeness.

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