As a faith keeper, Master Integrated Breakthrough Coach, and women's empowerment advocate, I have made it my life's work to help women leaders embrace the wholeness of who they are, step into their power, and live their lives on purpose.

There is a spiritual warrior within

every wild woman.


Outcast from both my tribal relations for being mixed blood and my Chinese family for being 'impure,' I experienced a lifetime of rejection, bullying, and loneliness. Compensating by overachieving, I was a multi-million dollar sales generator for corporate organizations whose persona of competitive excellence masked a deeply broken heart.

After a devastating divorce, I embarked on a journey of deep healing. I made peace with my family, connected profoundly to my Indigenous roots, and became determined to shine a light for other women to connect with the fullness of who they are.


I want women of all stripes to know their worth, own their power, and acknowledge and lean in to their own desires.

My vision for you is to be successful without running yourself into the ground, people pleasing, and feeling like you have to wear a different mask for every situation you are in.

I want you to go after the life of your choosing fearlessly, powerfully, and beautifully.

I want you to live your Truth.

When I moved from overachiever masking deep pain, to breakdown, to breakthrough, I lived what I see in so many women. Emotional blocks. Unresolved pain. And a deep-seated fear that keeps us from living the lives of our choosing.

I want you to know your power, live your truth, and be the Lioness that you are because I have been in your shoes. And I want better than that for you.

I want you to move from a life of resistance to one that ROARS.

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